Shedding Light Studio

Cairo, Egypt

The main idea

of the space is to create an experimental hub for both start-ups and well-established companies to share and exchange experiences to challenge different market fields.
It is always a challenge for Two Emms Design Studio to come up with new ideas for each branch that reflect the same concept, but at the same time this what makes these co-working spaces so unique and always ahead of their game.

“Two Emms is a full fledge design house that has been CO-55’s exclusive architect for the past five years. The founders worked closely with us on all details to deliver excellence in every branch. Their creativity level is unmeasured and they have a strength in making great new designs from the same design language and brand identity”

Farah, Norhan and Ahmed SelimFounders of CO55
  • YEAR: 2021 
  • AREA: 300M2 
  • SHOT BY: Essam Arafa