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The Family


We are a professional architecture & interior studio based in Cairo

Meet The Founders

We're an award-winning multidisciplinary team based in Cairo with a passion for creating innovative designs. We work with businesses and people to create a more beautiful world.
"A family is always growing and changing and we always have to adapt and its the same for design and ideas."

Mahy & Mostafa SedkyCo-Founders
Co-Founder, Studio Manager

Mahy Sedky

Mahy is a Kingston University postgraduate, with a MArch degree in Architecture Design. Having broad experience in architecture and interior design, Mahy has participated in several international workshops and worked regionally in some of the leading design practices, before starting her own journey by co-founding TWO EMMS. Besides the architecture and interior design fields, Mahy has always been passionate about film, cinema industry, travel, human behavior in space, and understanding how the intangible elements form the essence and soul of any tangible space. 

Co-Founder, Creative Director

Mostafa Sedky

Mostafa is an American University Cairo’s graduate, with a bachelor’s degree in architecture design. Mostafa is passionate about everything related to design, not only architecture and interior design, but also fashion, graphic design and branding. Prior to co-founding TWO EMMS, Mostafa gained a wide experience across Egypt working in leading design practices. He also founded other projects such as WOO for branding, a swimsuit collection and a couple of phone game applications. Mostafa is always interested in extraordinary experiences and how to trigger the user’s senses in space.  

About us

Two emms is part of our family, derived from two siblings, connecting two entities, merging two minds, making it not only a business but a product of us put together. Its the perfect harmony between bold and simple, liberal and conservative, playful and serious. It is truly one of a kind and dearest to our hearts

Our Mission

Our goal is to always challenge our minds, our potentials, our surroundings and our comfort zones.
At two emms we always thrive to produce design solutions that fit each project but stand out at the same time. We are trying to have our own language, Learning it, applying and always keep evolving