CO-55 is created to welcome entrepreneurs of all backgrounds, company scale sizes, and fields. It is an experimental hub to share experiences and challenge different market fields. The design shows the diversity in colors, challenges in forms, and success in the merging of different materials.
Two Emms is a full fledged design house that has been CO-55’s exclusive architect for the past five years. throughout this journey the founders worked closely with us on all details to deliver excellence in every branch. Their creativity level is unparalleled and they have a strength in making great new designs from the same unique design language that they created from the very first branch giving CO-55 its identity.
Their designs are playful, young, modern and yet professional which is the perfect mix that allowed us to attract customers who appreciate art and professionalism. Their technical drawings are always detailed enough to ensure efficiency in the construction phase and their regular site visits transforms renders into reality to the dot. Their hands on approach and flexibility allows us to finish our projects meticulously and in a timely manner to meet our deadlines and expectations.
We consider Two Emms to be one of the pillars of our success, as through their designs we were able to standout and benchmark the market for all players in the industry.

Farah, Norhan and Ahmed SelimFounders of CO55
  • Year: 2022 
  • Type: OFFICE 
  • Area: 850M2 
  • Shot by: NOUR EL REFAI